44 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hamlet 3 , Town of Sarai , Tan Hong District , Dong Thap Province , Vietnam

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Introduction of Tay do Company
Agricultural machine production company TAY DO Ltd.
“TAY DO Ltd.” established in 2011 in Mekong delta near Cambodian border.
A well-managed family business specialized in manufacture of agricultural products like vacuum blowing machine and scale machine with a special attention to your production schedule and quality.
Mr Do the owner of company receive all these award for his ingenuity- cleverness …
Through our skilled production team, we, makes high quality products with good warranty and a reasonable price to satisfy all customers’ requirements. That’s made our good reputation all over these years.
Our motto "Customer satisfaction is our success",
We, Tay Do Ltd. are always working on both human and material resources.
Indeed, we believe in human capital with training and also we use good quality machine tools to give satisfaction to our customers with all ours products.
The trust of our currents customers give, everyday, great encouragement to develop Tay Do Ltd.
We are always looking for continuous improvement to provide the best customer service to our customers

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Goal Achievement