In addition to investing in training skills for human resources, we also focus on the resources of modern machinery to produce aesthetic and accurate products.

Currently our company owns 3 CNC cutting machines made in the USA. Therefore materials such as tole, steel and stainless steel with a thickness of 5-30mm still ensure accuracy.

CNC milling technology

Our company owns 4 high-tech CNC milling machines, helping to create a series of products with uniformity and high accuracy, with the lowest time.


In addition to the conventional winding machines, Tay Do has been equipped with a high-tech CNC bending machine. With this machine, products will have a high aesthetics, durability and will reduce errors to a minimum which makes the cost of the product reaching to minimum with maximum quality.


This is a very professional line of machines which cuts super-hard materials with many angles requiring difficulty and absolute precision.

professional outsourcing team by lathe machine

Besides the CNC automatic machines, our company has a team of professional lathe machine workers and mechanical lathe machines with different sizes, make sure to satisfy any lathe requirements from large to small with the precision as customers’ order.