Tay Do cement suction machine is intelligently designed to be installed on the trailer and has a remote troubleshooting system.

CEMENT SHIP UNLOADER with a capacity of 100 tons/hour is designed to be placed on a semi-trailer. The machine is used to transport cement from the discharge vessel to the tank truck, which requires only one operator.

✅ cement ship unloader used to transport cement

– From the ship to the tank truck

– From ship to conveyor

– From the vessel discharge to the scale and blow up the silo.

✅  Smartly designed according to the actual needs of customers such as:

– Installed on semi-trailer

– Installation on boats, ship

– Installation on rails

– Fixed installation at the port

– Installed in combination with scale and cement blowing system on silo.

✅ The machine has a filter bag system to collect dust when operating

✅ Remode remote control imported from Spain, designed according to Tay Do

✅ Sensors to diagnose machine errors and troubleshooting remotely

✅ The machine can also suck up fly ash, soybean residue, agricultural products…

✅ Production capacity from 50 tons – 500 tons/hour.


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