Pneumatic vacuum conveyor won the “National Typical Agricultural Product Award”

Vacuum blower for bulk materials won Award of “National Typical Product”

Last year, Mr. Do Van Do (born 1982, Bac Trang hamlet, Tan Cong Chi commune, Tan Hong district, Dong Thap province) successfully built a vacuum cleaner, blowing loose materials – an honorable invention that became a Product. typical rural industry at the national level.

Mr. Do said that the idea of ​​​​this material blower was formed when he was still in school. Born and raised in a purely farming family, he fully understands the hardships of farmers.

Every time the rice is harvested, people have a hard time collecting and transporting rice while drying. If the transportation is not timely, when the weather is bad, it will cause mold, sprout and affect the quality. Therefore, Mr. Do is determined to do something to make the rice collection and transportation more convenient and less miserable for farmers.

After many years of research, learning, trial assembly, in 2008, his first vacuum blower for bulk materials was born. Vacuum, blowing bulk materials with large capacity, reaching 100 tons/hour, suction and blowing distance is more than 200m (depending on agricultural products), operating on the principle of vacuum, can be used for many types of materials bulk materials such as husk, rice, rice, beans, coffee, corn…

The advantage of the machine is mobility, can be moved easily thanks to wheels. In addition, the machine can run both electric and diesel engines. Since then, the machine helps to increase productivity many times when using manual labor, saving costs and manpower.

Before that success, in 2009, Mr. Do established Tay Do Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing One Member Company Limited with a machine workshop with 15 employees. On average, a year, his company manufactures and sells 36 vacuum cleaners for bulk materials with prices ranging from 120 to 500 million VND/machine.

In addition to becoming a typical rural industrial product at the national level in 2017, this machine also helped Do receive the “Luong Dinh Cua” Award in the field of scientific and technical innovation. Besides, he was also honored as one of 141 young talents of science and technology nationwide awarded by the Central Youth Union and won the A prize at the Dong Thap Provincial Technical Innovation Contest in 2011.